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24 Mode Physiotherapy Instrument Tens Intelligent Pulse Full Body Massage Charging Meridian Massager

24 Mode Physiotherapy Instrument Tens Intelligent Pulse Full Body Massage Charging Meridian Massager

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Product standard accessories


  1 pair* palm-shaped patch

  1 pair*oval patch

  2*safety head electrode wires

  1*Power Charger

  1*USB cable

  1*winding version (tool for placing patches and wires after massage)

  1*neutral manual (five language manuals, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

  1*Meridian map

  1 color box

  1 flocking blister





1. Using the physical massage principle of electronic acupuncture, using low-frequency pulses, imitating the 24 basic techniques of acupuncture massage, massage promotes blood circulation, and imitates real-life massage therapy.

2. The default massage time of the system is 20 minutes, and the massage time can be adjusted for 10-60 minutes.

3. 24 massage modes, various massage methods such as beating and kneading, can be used at will. The charging plugs are available in US, Australia, EU and UK, usually US.

4. 20-speed intensity adjustment, dual-channel output interface, can connect 2 sets of products to use at the same time.




Operation Instructions

1. Clean the part you want to care for; lift off the protective film of the product patch and stick the instrument to the part you need to care for (the whole body can be used).

2. Press the "Power On/Off button" on the upper left side of the machine to switch the instrument on and off.

3. Press the "mode selection key MODE" to select the mode, 24 modes can be selected.

4. Adjust the massage intensity; press "+" once, the pulse intensity will increase by 1 small gear (the machine does not display plus 1 grid), press "+" twice, the pulse intensity will increase by 1 large gear. Grid"; press "-", the pulse intensity is reduced by 1 small file in the same way, press "-" twice. There are 10 large-scale massage intensity (20 small-scale) to choose from.

5. Press the "T" key to select the massage time, and the selection range of the massage time is 10-60 minutes.

6. Apply 1-2 times a day, it is better to use the instrument 30 minutes after meals or after bathing.




Detailed parameters


Battery capacity: 200MA Working time: 0-60mins

Output frequency: 0-104Hz Input voltage: AC110-240V

Output pulse width: 80us Operating temperature: 5-40℃

Adapter output voltage: 5V Working humidity: <85%






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